History Of The US Open
The first US Open was held at the Convention Center in Mobile, Alabama on May 1994. Since its inception, Grandmaster DeRu (Shawn X. Liu), has held over thirty US Open KungFu Sanshou/Sanda fighting events here in the US. Included are eight professional “Art of War” Sanshou/Sanda tournaments, sponsored by the Shaolin Institute and sanctioned by KSF (KungFu Sanda Federation) and USA SKF (United States of America Sanshou KungFu Federation).

“It’s been 23 years since I hosted the first official US Open International Martial Arts Championship in the US, focusing on KungFu Sanshou Sports Fighting,” said Grandmaster DeRu. “As a result great fighters, such as David Sanders, Patrick Barry, K.J. Noon and Cung Le, are among the ranks to have their fighting roots as champions at the US Open Martial Arts Fighting Challenge and US Open International Martial Arts Championships, held in Mobile, Alabama.” All of them have trained extensively in Mobile before heading on to the UFC.
Other fighters who have held championship titles in the US Open International Martial Arts Championships’ main event, “K. Superstar”, are UFC Melvin Guillard, Li Jie and Wael Karika Muhammed, who also trained under the tutelage of Grandmaster DeRu. Their fighting skills were honed and matured in the US Open Sanshou/Sanda Championships.

In the same fashion as when the first US Open competition began, the upcoming KSF-K Warrior Search and US Open Challenge event will have all the excitement of a MMA-style fight. The Sanshou/Extreme Sanda fighting styles will require the fighters to demonstrate a higher level of fighting skills by combining techniques of punching, kicking, kneeing, throwing, interception and grappling. Such technically skilled maneuvers, such as the “scissors kick” take-down, is just one of the exciting fighting techniques that the audience can witness first-hand at the US Open Sanshou/Extreme Sanda competition.

What is Sanshou/Sanda
The Shaolin Temple is the birthplace of all martial arts practiced in the world today and it is safe to say that Shaolin represents the “original martial art”. The origins of KungFu found its way through time to the modern sport arena as Sanshou/SanDa, a full body professional standing fight incorporating every aspect of KungFu including kicks, punches, grabs, grappling, throws and interceptions. It is unlike any other fighting sport. It demands incredible mental strategy and physical strength, making it the most exciting combat sport in the world today.

In the early 1990s, the Grandmaster DeRu brought Shaolin KungFu fighting (Sanshou/ SanDa) to the US at the 1st US Open International Chinese Martial arts Championship held in Mobile Alabama. We called it KungFu Sanshou which means KungFu free fighting. It is, essentially, KungFu fighting in a ring format. Sanshou (aka: SanDa) is the most exciting form of KungFu application and the most exciting standing fight existing as a sport today. The Chinese fighting styles are over 3000 years old, having begun in the Ancient Chinese Military. The Shaolin Temple monks then adapted and vastly improved the fighting styles, intersecting them with the internal studies and movements known as Shaolin Nei Gong later developed into today’s Tai Chi and Qigong such as Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade, Yi Jin Jing and Xi Sui Jing. The Shaolin monks at first used these fighting applications during times of mountain forest survival and in warfare, and then continued to adapt them as a moving mediation to enhance internal energy, further developing them for sport and demonstrating the KungFu martial arts.

In America, we refer to it as “Bringing the ancient arts into the modern-day ring”. Continuing the trend to adapting these martial arts with current times, the US Open International Martial Arts Championship has now incorporated and included certain rules and components of MMA and Muay Thai. This now gives birth to the US Open Xtreme KungFu SanDa (X.K.S.) to search for the true k. Warrior worldwide.
KSF 31st US Open
   Date: December 2, 2017

   Location: Roswell Budokan 

   11516 Woodstock Road, Roswell, GA 30075

   Schedule: 9:00AM – 2:00PM Inter-school Competition
                      6:00PM – 10:00PM Sanshou/SanDa Fighting
Grand Master DeRu (aka, Shawn Liu Xiangyang), founder and CEO of Shaolin Institute, came to the U.S. over 20 years ago, after a lifetime of immersion in Shaolin culture and martial arts. As a young child Master Liu Xiangyang entered Chan life like his mentor, Great Grand Master, spiritual Chan leader "His Holiness" Shi SuXi at the Shaolin Temple.

Back home in China, the young Liu rose to a prestigious position as one of two indoor disciples to Great Grand Master Shi Suxi, being named Shi DeRu by his mentor, and becoming a 31st generation descendant of the beloved spiritual leader of the Shaolin Temple. While continuing his studies in Shaolin Kung Fu and Shaolin Culture, Grandmaster DeRu became a martial arts Master, graduated with a CMD in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at the School of TCM in Anhui, worked as a
physician at the #1 People's Hospital in the city of Wuhu, and earned a degree in Foreign Languages from Anhui Normal University.

When Great Grand Master Shi SuXi wrote to his protégé that it was his personal desire that his disciple "transmit the Chan & Martial Arts to the world," Grandmaster DeRu came to the U.S. as the torch bearer for Shaolin cultural heritage and martial arts.
In the U.S. he earned a Bachelor's in English with Minors in Biology and Psychology (Mobile College), a Master's degree in Exercise Physiology (University of South Alabama), while quickly establishing himself, and becoming a highly sought after martial arts coach. Since 1987 more than 100 top fighters and martial arts champions in the world have trained under Grandmaster DeRu at his Shaolin Institute, among them; Patrick Barry, Cung Le, Robert Higginbotham, Kevin Nguyen, David Sanders, Wael Karika Muhammad, K.J. Noon, Li Jie, Juan Zarate and Melvin Guillard.
In the U.S., Grandmaster DeRu also devoted himself to making Sanshou/Sanda Kickboxing a worldwide sport, accomplishing that goal in 1993. He was so highly regarded that in 1994 he was voted Head Coach of the U.S. Wushu Sanshou Team by USAWKF (U.S.A. Wushu-Kungfu Federation) board members, board of advisors and national team competitors, leading the U.S. to victory in a number of international tournaments, winning many World Championship medals, and producing 5 World Champions in the process.